Skål Twinning

Skål has a unique international network that can be used for the twinning of Skål Clubs in different countries. Twinning allows two clubs to establish a mutual understanding and friendship, with the objective of exchanging personal visits, ideas, projects, and culture. With modern communication and transportation systems, distance is no longer an obstacle. For this reason, chapter twinning is easy if the will is there. 


Twinning usually starts with correspondence between two clubs. This form of international cooperation does not require regular visits, and the link lasts for as long as the two clubs wish. One simple exchange of information is all that the cooperation requires. These activites enable clubs to make contacts with foreign clubs, which may eventually twin in the future. 


In the spirit of hospitality, the Louisville Club and Quebec Club twinned in 2011. Some facts on Skal Quebec: Founded in 1971 with the support of SI Montreal, this

very ambitious club was the host of the 2001 and 2010 NAASC meetings and was also named the Skal Canada Club of the Year for 2012! The club currently has close to 100 active and enthusiastic members who meet every third tuesday of the month from September to June. The 2014 president for SI Quebec is Isabelle Longpré. 


See the slideshow below for pictures of our skalleagues and their beautiful country!     

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